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Atelier hydrolique de Gabier'n'Rigs pour vos entretiens et revisions certifiés

Hydraulics workshop

Equipped with a pressure control bench, GABIER'N'RIGS takes care of the maintenance and overhaul of all types of hydraulic cylinders, as well as the refurbishment of power plants.

With a stock of terminations and hydraulic oils, GABIER'N'RIGS also changes flexible or rigid piping, as well as stainless steel crimped piping and fittings. We reduce the efforts of the crew by supplying and installing on board your cylinders for: vang, backstay, mainsail trim, halyard tensioning, quindulum.


Gabier'n'rigs work on leather, handmade and custom
Work on leather
Custom and handmade
manitex by gabier-n-rigs
Patented technique
Handmade and custom Fender Hooks by Gabier'n'rigs
Fender Hooks
Handmade and custom