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super yachts services by Gabier'n'Rigs

Super yachts : lifting and stowing

All services and works are provided with certificate of conformity given by GABIER'N'RIGS or LLOYD’S REGISTER, per your request. At the service to motoryachts and superyachts, GABIER'N RIGS create :

  • Lifting kit in cable, Dyneema (tenders, jet-skis)
  • Swagging of cable for crane or catheads
  • Lifting tests
  • Realisation of towing line
  • Stowing system in cable, straps (tenders, jet-skis)

Super yachts services

The constant evolution in the technical field has led us to build greater, more luxurious and sophisticated yachts. These large yachts involve multiple experts in different fields. GABIER'N’RIGS fulfils its role into the field of the crew’s and ship’s safety and security, as the access to certain areas of the ship on the outside involves sailors to suspend themselves.

  • Implementation of rails
  • Modifications of cables or textiles
  • Making multiple slings, Spectra/Dyneema
  • Making multiple straps, Spectra/ Dyneema
Gabier'n'rigs réalise tous travaux sur tous types de bateaux
gabier-n-rigs réalise toutes pièces sur mesure pour tous types de bateaux
Quelques soit votre type de beateau, Gabier'n'Rigs réponds à vos besoins


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