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Standing rigging by Gabier'n'Rigs

Standing rigging


Current developments allow greater emphasis to the textile. Which brings up to date an old and forgotten seamanship work as a current trend. Since textile is lighter and quiet, it is quite popular and is highly coveted.

Maintenance of textile rigging as well as fitting will consist of cleaning it thoroughly with water to remove salt. Please do not use chemical products on textiles( ex: deck washing). As to ensure an optimal quality, dismantling and keeping it away from lignt will help to keep the material as performant as ever. Haylard, sheet, lashing- you will double the life of your equipment.


Rod rigging are made of bars, terminated at each end by a hydraulic clamp, giving the formation of a flat-headed mushroom. At that place, on the borders,where most of the weight and pressure will be. It is necessary to monitor them every 5-6 years or every 50 000 - 60 000 miles.

A slotted head can be made again by retrieving the length of the threaded rods on longer turnbuckles. It is important to release the rod riggings during the winter and let the heads breathe. Large cruising yachts and super yachts often travel from 20,000 to 40,000 miles per year and can quickly reach a large number of miles. This can cause a problem as equipment gets used due to high tension and fatigue exerted on it. Control and inspection of the entire mast and riggings must be made at regular intervals. Visit and maintenance pictures facilitate the overall work.


GABIER’N'RIGS makes to measure and on technical drawing your standing rigging.

We work with Monotoron, Rod, Dyform cables. For traditional rigging, GABIER'N'RIGS uses 7x7 stainless or 7x7 galva cable. GALVA cables are a quality, a way of slow galvanization especially made for marine surrounding. They can be spliced or swaged.

Equipped with a swaging machine for cables from 2mm to 32mm and providing a large range of end fitting, GABIER'N'RIGS can insure the manufacturing of all cable with care in respecting the international norms. The work can be certified by companies of control like “Lloyds Register and Apave”.

the tradition of the job of rope work, GABIER'N RIGS also create handmade splicing, with all different types of cables with edging in leather and lashing with a asphalt braid or with hemp. GABIER'N'RIGS uses aramides fibres at high resistance for rigging. These one are offering an exceptional resistance associated to a low weight. The modern fibres are not only for racing boats, so GABIER'N RIGS suggest loosen stays in textile which give comfort and safety to cruising boats. Stays, backstays and runners are made in linear Kevlar fibre and the endings are in 17.4 PH stainless.


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