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Handmade and custom Fender Hooks by Gabier'n'Rigs

Fender Hooks

These fender hooks are designed to withstand marine conditions. They are made with black, white, brown, blue chrome leather (other color on request) around a stainless steel (3.4 or 5 mm) or 6 mm aluminum plate.

GABIER’N'RIGS makes your fender brackets or fender hooks. There's no better way to protect your yacht's varnish, paint or strakes. To fully protect your strake, GABIER'N'RIGS fender hooks are lined inside with sheepskin. We can also adapt them: stainless steel or plastic jam cleat, cleat, fairlead, fishing rod holder, wips holder, etc. All our creations are handmade and custom.

  • Leather
  • Chrome
  • Handmade
  • Custom
  • stainless steel
  • sheepskin


Gabier'n'rigs handmade Work on leater
Work on leater
Handmade and custom
manitex by gabier-n-rigs, handmade and custom
Patented technique
Hydraulics services by Gabier'n'Rigs - Worn out, up to standard...
Worn out, up to standard...