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greements courant par Gabier'n'Rigs

Running rigging

Splicing is the best way to transmit the loading to a rope. The quality of a rope is measured to the resistance to splicing. It is the reason why GABIER'N'RIGS is bringing back to life traditional methods of work and apply them on modern materials.

All the rope work is handmade by a passionate team who is only using high quality products. GABIER'N'RIGS masters all types of rope work used on board, from a simple splicing to a reduction of halyard. GABIER'N'RIGS is providing a large stock of ropes, mooring rope lines, halyards and sheets made of high quality of fibres (Dyneema, Polyester High Tenacity, Kevlar, Vectran, Pbo). GABIER'N'RIGS also works three strands, four strands and hemp.


Gabier'n'rigs handmade Work on leater
Work on leater
Handmade and custom
Patented technique
hydraulics services by Gabier'n'Rigs - Worn out, up to standard...
Worn out, up to standard...