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Gabier'n'Rigs, best solutions for all your boat, leisure and racing


GABIER'N'RIGS was created by David PENARD more than 20 years ago. Located at the immediate proximity of the port of Antibes, GABIER'N'RIGS operates both in France and internationally and on all types of sites. Technical specialist in yachting and all compliance for all types of boats, we master all traditional and modern techniques, from sailboats to superyachts.


After exploring all the seas and oceans of the globe, led by all four winds, one day, he finally settled down. Sailing being his life passion, he wanted to share and pass on his knowledge obtained over the years for new as well as traditional riggings. Having participated to several ship buildings has brought him knowledge and skills.

A passion above all

There was a time when it was said that the Gabiers were the best sailors aboard. No doubt proof of this could be shown through and passion for the mastering of their work with masts.

But to reach such a level of expertise, passion was irrefutably the key ingredient to great workmanship. It is with the same drive for perfection that the GABIER'N'RIGS enterprise was created. Our objective is to bring you the best solutions for all your standing and running rigging’s needs, traditional or modern, to fit your leisure boat like your racing boat.

Gabier'n'rigs réalise tous travaux sur tous types de bateaux
gabier-n-rigs réalise toutes pièces sur mesure pour tous types de bateaux
Quelques soit votre type de beateau, Gabier'n'Rigs réponds à vos besoins

To whip, to splice, to swage and much more

GABIER’N'RIGS and its professional team have one goal; it is to give you the solution to all your boating needs.

To do so, we have equipped workshops : Workshop to splice, workshop for leather work, hydraulic workshop and equipment for swaging all types of cables, mechanically or manually. All our equipment is transportable.

Our workshop offers a large choice and stock of ropes, cables and leather. We manufacture made to measure lifting kits, lifting strops, stowage system and mooring rope lines. We create standing and running riggings. Our professional team adapts their work by rigorously respecting specificities of each boat.

Gabier'n'rigs réalise tous types d'épissures en cordage
gabier-n-rigs réalise toutes types d'épissures en cable
épissure manuelle en cordage par Gabier'n'Rigs


Gabier'n'rigs handmade Work on leater
Work on leater
Handmade and custom
manitex by gabier-n-rigs, handmade and custom
Patented technique
Hydraulics services by Gabier'n'Rigs - Worn out, up to standard...
Worn out, up to standard...